Chilling Reign, Evolving Skies -

Wave 2 Chilling Reign Delayed until late October

We will now be doing updates on our website to further communicate to our customers and since Pokemon is getting further and further behind on products and keeps pushing release dates back further and further. Also, we know not everyone is seeing out mass emails we send out due to going to spam or simply just not seeing them or opening them. We are trying to keep everyone updated on information as best as we can.

Update on Wave 2 Chilling Reign as of 10/04/2021:

Pokemon has decided to push back production on the wave 2 chilling reign until after celebration release, in order to keep celebrations on time. So we are looking at late October now before Pokemon decides to release the second wave. You can still cancel at anytime, just let us know!

Update on Wave 2 Evolving Skies as of 10/04/2021:

We still have not has confirmation on when wave two will be released. Multiple distributors are projecting November until Pokemon sends them the product, putting it about a month behind intended release date.

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