Shipping Delay

We would like everyone to know that there is a small delay with shipments coming out of our warehouse. Pokemon has finally caught up with well overdue print waves. We have received Wave 3 of Battle Styles, Wave 2 and 3 of Chilling Reign, Waves 2 and 3 of Evolving Skies, Wave 2 of Celebrations, and at the end of the week, we will be receiving wave 1 of Fusion strike. We are not sure why they decided to give everything to everyone at one time after 3-6 months of being backed up, but this is almost 3-4x more stuff that we typically keep on hand at one time and is a lot for us to unpack, repack, and ship out. We ask everyone be patient with us as it will take us a few days to sort everything out and make sure to get everything out. You might see you label be printed off but tracking might take a few days to update since we have so much to go through. Sorry all, but we have all hands on deck and even brining in more help as well!


  • Duncan Crowley

    Appreciate the honesty

  • John

    Thanks Travis

  • Travis

    Yes David, that includes the lunch boxes. They have finally arrived as well and we are working on getting those out as soon as possible too.

  • david

    Does this include the collectors chests from celebrations that were due October 22nd?

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